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How About Willie Colon Inviting Me To His Christmas Party 5 Hours Before It Starts?


So Willie texted me this today at 1:55pm. An invite to his Ugly Sweater Party. Umm the party is tonight. As in it starts 5 hours after he sent me the official invite. What a move by the big man. I mean this just screams after thought. “Hey boss love to have you come to party, but not really.” Like even if I wanted to go to this party, which I can’t because we’re doing the Degenerate Boys live from Hoboken again tonight, I couldn’t go. You just can’t go to party you got invited to 5 minutes before it starts. Not if you have any self respect you can’t. So thanks for the invite Willie, but I think I’m going to have to pass here.

PS – Have you ever seen anybody so excited for a regular season win before?