Dads In Football Uniforms Are The New Wave: Captain Cons Would Be A Terrible Father

I’ve spoken with Connor for over an hour 120 times. That being said, I know that he knows no bounds of terrible opinions. This might be his worst which is really saying something.

Imagine thinking the dads here are anything but fun-loving goofs. The kids are loving it. The dads are loving it. The media people are loving it. They are overweight dads just having a blast with their sons. Those moments are rare when the kids go off to college. The dads probably havent seen their sons as much. The kids are gone off to school and the heartache from that would be terrible for active dads and moms.

When the chance comes to have a special moment with their kids, the dads throw on some pads and take a picture.
The kids get to see their dads as fat-bodied football players while getting a little social media love from the school’s main account. If that was my son, I’d be right out there with them. Hell, I’d shag a few punts and practice my touchdown dance. Everyone would have a great time.

You think Large isnt going to be out there with his kids?
You think Clem is gonna sit on the sideline not dressed to the 9s?
You think KFC isnt going to be wearing gymnastics shit if that’s what his daughter wants?

Hell, Im thinking about taking fucking Tuba lessons.

Good dads embarrass themselves in front of their kids. The kids love it. The dads love it. The mom gives you them cheeks when she sees it. It’s a win for everyone except for Connor. Hate to see it but I honestly expect to see it at this point. I’ve been telling Connor that he should listen to Podfathers. It’s nearly a doctor-prescribed medicine for his bad opinion-itis at this point.