Professional Escort Posted A Touching Farewell To Her Dead Sugar Daddy

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Damn. Ts and Ps up not just to Brad, but to Demanda as well. Losing your sugar daddy at such a young age and so suddenly is not easy. Demanda had such a bright future ahead of her, with many more pairs of shoes, expensive vacations, and maybe even another race horse left to be bought for her. But freaking Brad had to go and have a heart attack and ruin it. And even worse, Brad took Demanda out of his will. The nerve!

But all stories deserve a happy ending, and it appears a year later, Demanda has forgiven him and also has let bygones be bygones by admitting she was living a double life with her gay bodyguard the entire time. That rascal!

As it turns out, being a professional “heaux” as she calls it is a lot of work. She mentors others in the adult industry, has an app, and even shares beauty tips!

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It’s tough to lose a Sugar Daddy, but when you’re the heaux mentor, everything is possible. RIP Brad.