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Every Time The Bears Sacked The Packers in 2018 (Cumpilation)

Green Bay Packers v Chicago BearsIf you didn’t hear, the Bears won the NFC North yesterday by soundly defeating the Green Bay Packers 24-17. And if you also didn’t hear, the Red Line Crew is slinging merch in celebration:

Big Cat wanted me to tell you to buy those shirts so he can open back up the Barstool Chicago office with the proceeds. This isn’t the point of the blog, but it doesn’t get written without said proceeds so you tell me how to go about this. Daddy needs to eat.


The Bears were hungry AF this year against the Packers registering 9 beautiful, glorious sacks. I couldn’t make up my mind which was my favorite because all of them resulted in me screaming fuck you Aaron Rodgers at the top of my lungs.

UPDATE - thanks @ChuckNaso for making this stone cold comp video:

And here they are in order. You be the judge.

1. 9/8/18 – 1st Quarter – Akiem Hicks

2. 9/8/18  – 2nd Quarter – Roy Robertson-Harris

3. 9/18/18 – 2nd Quarter – Khalil Mack 


4. 9/8/18 – 2nd Quarter – Roquan Smith 

5. 12/16/18 – 1st Quarter – Khalil Mack 

6. 12/16/18 – 2nd Quarter – Bilal Nichols & Khalil Mack

7. 12/16/18 – 4th Quarter – Leonard Floyd


8. 12/16/18 – 4th Quarter – Khalil Mack

9. 12/16/18 – 4th Quarter – Leonard Floyd

Bear Down.