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Should the Eagles Trade Carson Wentz?


So last night Nick Foles led the Philadelphia Eagles to a huge upset win against the LA Rams. They looked like the defending superbowl champs for the first time this season. Is it a coincidence that the first time they looked this good all season was when the Superbowl MVP was reinserted into the starting lineup? I’d argue no. In fact I’ve been saying this for 2 months now. Saying that the Eagles need to stop babying Carson Wentz and give Foles back the starting job. Of course idiot Philly fans laughed at me.

Well nobody is laughing now. Last night proved that the entire city of Philadelphia was wrong and I was right. Now the question becomes should the Eagles trade Wentz? Listen I’m not going to be irrational and say they should unload him right now, but if Foles wins this week they should absolutely trade him. Then there will be no denying that the Eagles play better with Big Dick Nick (as the locals call him) in the lineup over Carson Wentz. And there is just no way that Wentz will be satisfied being a backup the rest of his career. It’s a QB controversy that will burn the great city of Philadelphia to the ground. The only move would be to unload one of them and there really isn’t any doubt who the starter should be. So again if the Eagles win next week for the sake of the franchise and the city I’d argue that the Eagles need to trade Wentz.