The Bears Are The Kings Of The North - New Merch Available in the Red Line Radio Store


If you listen to Red Line Radio, you all know that we said at the beginning of the year and after the Mack trade that we all loved this roster top to bottom, in spite of what the national media said.  And guess what?  They clinched the division with two games left in the year and could even sneak into a first round bye.  Did Red Line Radio do it again or did Red Line Radio do it again?

We LOVE this team.  Love love love.  There’s not a shithead ego on it, Nagy is a great leader, and everyone has one goal in mind.  Super Bears, Super Bowl.

Club Dub is on level ONE MILLION on Museum Campus Drive

Such an easy team to root for.  Every player top to bottom is just so damn likable.  So do your part, and load up on merch.