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Car Involved In A High Speed Chase Crashes Directly Into Dude Filming With His Phone


Admittedly I don’t know what the best high speed chase practices are, but I’d have to imagine having tons of people in cars lined up on either side like people in the tee box watching Tiger drive. You ever think about what would happen if Tiger put one into somebody’s face in those circumstances? Just zipped one to the right or left right off the tee directly into someone’s face like 15 feet away? No? Just me? Ok.

Anyway, if you’re gonna have an enormous hunk of gasoline and metal flying uncontrollably into a booby trap you might wanna tell people to keep back more than like a hundred feet.

You wanna know the realest part of this video? The very end. “Can you call my mom and stop recording” is the single most girlfriend thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I GUARANTEE this dude is in the doghouse for this. Somehow it’s his fault they got hit by a runaway fugitive. Never mind the fact that they were on that road because she needed an iced coffee because she “can’t function without it.” Forget the fact that they were running late because she was on Instagram while straightening her hair so it took twice as fucking long to finish it. This is 100% her boyfriends fault and the fact that he was filming on his phone rather than putting his non existent EMT expertise to use on the bump on her head means he’s going to hear about this for another 2 weeks, minimum