Dennis Rodman Got Post Malone A $25 Gift Card To Olive Garden For Christmas

I blogged this for two reasons. The first reason is that I really wanted to type the words Dennis Rodman Got Post Malone A $25 Gift Card To Olive Garden For Christmas. Typing that was on my bucket list and I didn’t even realize it. That series of words put together describe an event that actually happened and I feel lucky to have been alive to see video of it. I didn’t even know Dennis Rodman and Post Malone knew each other, let alone were close enough friends to exchange Christmas gifts. That makes me happy. The fact that those two have crossed paths enough times for Rodman to think, “Oh I’m gonna duck into that OG real quick and get a gift for Post” warms my entire body in a way that I thought only heaps of Americanized Italian food could.

The second reason I blogged this is because that’s a great gift from Rodman. Dennis pulled that bitch right outta his sock like a dime bag. Olive Garden is delicious. Many people will tell you Olive Garden isn’t delicious because they want to appear cool in front of friends and strangers. They’ll talk down on Olive Garden by calling it “garbage” or “not real Italian food” because they want to appear more sophisticated and better than the people who enjoy the restaurant. Well if you wanna look cool in front of me and my friends you will tell the truth and say just how delicious the food at Olive Garden is. Especially the breadsticks. If you put an Olive Garden breadstick in your mouth and your immediate reaction isn’t a resounding and uncontrollable, “That is a supremely delicious treat!” then you are lying to yourself and I recommend you find Jesus.