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Does This Look Like A Guy Who Shit Behind A Concession Stand During The Memphis/Tennessee Game Because The Line Was Too Long For The Bathroom?

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 5.19.04 PM

[WREG] - A security guard was making her way from a stairwell and saw the man, later identified as 46-year-old Royce Thomos Lodholz, squatting behind a concession stand. She went over to Lodholz and found that he had his pants off his body, exposing himself to several people walking nearby, and was defecating on the floor.

The security guard called for her partner, who saw the same thing.

Lodholz told police officers that people in the restrooms were taking too long to clear out, so “he had to do what he had to do,” according to a police affidavit.

Yep, that’s 100% a guy who shit behind the concession stand during the Tennessee/Memphis game yesterday because people in the bathroom were taking too long. But, here’s the thing-  he has a point.

I mean the whole ‘had to do what he had to do.’ That makes sense to me and it should to most people. Sometimes nature calls and for Royce Thomos Lodholz, that meant it was time to go to option B. It’s not like his plan all along was to drop a deuce behind the concession stand. It was last resort time.

But, here’s where I have a problem with Royce. Why are you removing your pants? I need to know the deal here. You’re trying to hide this a bit, right? I’d assume you’re trying to not get pantsless as much as possible. I understand dropping them to your ankles, but the report says totally off the body. You can’t be doing that, Royce.

I think the biggest question though is whether this guy is a Tennessee or Memphis fan.