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Jose Ramirez's Backyard Is My Heaven

I want Jose Ramirez to adopt me. I almost cried looking at that picture it’s so beautiful. Jose Ramirez built a perfect infield in his fucking backyard because why not? He’s got a full court basketball court and a gorgeous pool on top of it all. What more does a man need in his life? If the weather is right, I could spend an entire summer out there and not be bothered to ever leave. When I was younger I wanted a putting green in my backyard so badly. I was so close to getting it, but we came to the realization that we would never keep it in good condition. The first day it rained we would have forgot to cover it and it would have been immediately destroyed. We scrapped the idea and went with a pool table instead. More practical, but nevertheless disappointing.

Bottom line, I want to be Jose Ramirez’s son.