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Bill Belichick Delivers the Perfect Take on What Christmas is All About

“Christmas comes at an inconvenient time, right in the middle of football season.” – Bill Belichick, 12/14/2018

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the majesty of Christmas ever expressed so eloquently and so poetically in my life. The Gospel according to Luke. Charles Dickens. Clement Clark Moore (“Twas the Night Before Christmas”). Dr. Seuss. Jean Shepherd (A Christmas Story). Singers and songwriters too numerous to mention. All have tried to capture the essence of this most joyous and festive season, and none have come close to saying it with the flair Belichick just did.

This is exactly what we should all want to hear from The Hooded One. What is Christmas? A celebration of the birth of The Christ, of God only begotten son? The season of giving? A time of sharing? A jingle belled, gay apparelled, sparkling, holly bedecked season to be jolly? No. It’s an inconvenience. At least it is when you live your life for the singular purpose of winning football championships. And I couldn’t be happier to hear it coming out of his lips today.

I had a guy telling me in the gym yesterday that he sees at the expression on Belichick’s face this year and feels there’s something different. That some there’s some look in his eye that tells this guy he’s had just about enough and he’s done at the end of this year. As I pointed out, Belichick’s expression hasn’t changed since that day in February of 2000 when he brought us tidings of great joy and cracked his first joke, “I hope this press conference goes better than my last one.” Since then, it’s been all business, all the time. And it’s brings me comfort and joy to know a thing like having to buy things for his loved ones to celebrate the birth of his savior is still a pain in the ass for our savior.

On that note, I’m going to make a suggestion that he simplify his shopping by just ordering the same thing I did for everyone on his list. Click here to get yours.

Let's Party

Then he can focus on what’s truly important this holiday season: Winning out and getting homefield advantage to start the New Year off right.

My only regret is my cards are already mailed out. Because I would’ve printed this quote on every card. At least I’m all set for Christmas, 2019.