Kid Gets Chased Down The Street By A Turkey Until A Hero Steps In And Saves The Day

That kid is going to have an unhealthy relationship with Thanksgiving for the rest of his living days. He might not even celebrate Thanksgiving because of that turkey. He’ll try to for the next couple of years but each time it’ll end with him running out the door with tears streaming down his cheeks and memories of that turkey chasing him down the street in his head. Maybe his family will be nice enough to exclude turkey from their Thanksgiving meal but he still won’t be able to escape the holiday thanks to the outside world. It’s sad but it’s true. Maybe it’s not the worst thing because turkey low key stinks.

How about the hero in the Chevy Equinox? They came from outta NOWHERE. That person’s Jason Bourne-like ability to avoid hitting the kid but also block the turkey at the same time was mind blowing. It had to be a mom in that Chevy Equinox. No doubt it my mind. Had to be a mom and her motherly instincts kicked in and that’s how she was able to pull such a high-level maneuver. Great work.