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Paparazzi Asked Kanye About Drake This Morning And He Responded By Sprinting Away

Kanye West with the wheels! Pretty good burst from him there. Great first step. I gotta tell ya, I didn’t expect to see Kanye sprinting away from the paparazzi this morning but boy am I glad I did. Very funny clip. Although a little cowardly maybe? Some might say Twitter fingers? The dude spent alllllllllllllllllllll night (literally all night) sending out a billion tweets about Drake but then can only muster, “It’s all love! and then sprint away when he gets asked about it. Still a funny clip but I would’ve been down with Kanye standing on that New York City street for hours and preaching about why he feels the way he feels. Oh well. Weird times we’re living in my friends. Weird times.

By the way, whoever had that door open and ready for Kanye to jump into the SUV deserves a raise. It’s little details like that that would make it cool to be famous. Car doors are just open for you all the time. When do you think the last time Kanye opened a car door for himself? I’d say it’s been no less than a decade.