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The Mush World Colliding With The Cousins World Was A Crazy Ride

I was welcomed (sort of) into the cousins show this morning. At first it seemed like they absolutely hated me which I can totally understand when I come in hot with this voice. After the rocky start we went off the rails.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.09.46 PM

Mike Portnoy was very skeptical of me and then very quickly warmed up. He was so dumb founded by what was coming out of my mouth is what made the show work. Combining my world with their world was outrageous. They have no idea about half the shit I say comes out of my mouth. For example cousin Murray took be calling him a bastard as an insult.

Once I reminded them that I was a stellar actor on house of cards they didn’t believe anything I was saying. Some how some way it worked and I can’t forget Cousin Murray. That man just slings out one liners that nobody knows how to handle. By far the best thing about the cousins is they have no idea when we are on break or when a caller is on the line the just talk about other things going on and not the caller. It is unexplainable but I love it. Credit to Riggs and thanks for letting me host.