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So When Exactly Will We Be Seeing Boogie?


As we know, Boogie is working his way back by practicing with the Warriors G-League team, and as recently as a few days ago spoke about how things were going.

He talked previous about being ready as quickly as around Christmas, which if you look at the calendar is just 11 days away. To think that this Warriors team would be that close to getting a fully healthy Boogie back is pretty scary, but sadly there are new reports that suggest we all may have to wait a little while longer

DeMarcus Cousins might already be practicing with the Golden State Warriors’ practice squad, but it reportedly could still be months before the center makes his Warriors debut.

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle indicated that Cousins’ return from injury is more likely to come in February, rather than New Year’s Day as some speculated.

When Steve Kerr was asked about it, he gave a pretty standard Steve Kerr answer

“That’s why we still don’t have a timetable,” Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said. “He needs to feel confident with the Achilles, his conditioning, his rhythm, his timing and everything else. We’re not going to rush him back. We’re going to help him through that process. When it happens, it happens.”

Look when you’re dealing with an achilles injury in general you have to be overly cautious. When the player who sustained the injury is a big man, you have to be even more so. History is not kind to big men who have suffered a ruptured achilles, and it’s not exactly like the Warriors need Boogie at the moment so I get why they are going to push this back as far as possible. I feel like when they first made the signing they talked about the trade deadline as a potential return date, but the internet did what the internet does and gave us clips and videos of Boogie looking pretty good so as someone that enjoys chaos I was hoping he would be back for the Christmas game against LeBron.

Looking ahead, what about the February 2nd date at home against the Lakers? That’s on National TV, there’s also February 23rd against HOU which is a Saturday night National TV game if we truly have to wait until February. I’m just so curious as to how he is going to look and how he impacts this team I certainly hope we don’t have to wait until practically March. If I had to put money on it, I’m going with that Lakers game on the 2nd, where hopefully both teams are close atop the Western Conference standings.

So if you’re a Boogie fan or a Warrior fan and you were getting a little excited that we were getting closer to his return, just try and hold out a little longer.