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The Chiefs Secondary Let Patrick Mahomes Down

A weak but technically correctly called pass interference put the Chargers on the goal line with a handful of seconds left before Mike Williams tallied his third touchdown of the game. Real breakout game for the former 7th overall pick of the ’17 Draft. And instead of being cowards and playing for overtime, Anthony Lynn dialed up the “throw immediately to the most wide open player of all time” play and you really have to respect the gumption and wherewithal of him to do so in this moment. Many pundits are questioning whether or not he should have kept that one tucked away for the playoffs but I like him breaking it out tonight. You never know when that opportunity is going to arise again and with it sitting right in front of your face what better time than the present? Break a losing streak against a division rival and tie them record wise. Huge road win for the Chargers and really leaves more questions than answers as we head down the stretch.

Mostly, is anyone in the AFC actually good? The Chiefs were up 14 twice in this game and couldn’t hold on because of how porous their secondary plays week-in and week-out. They now throw the ball to Kelvin Benjamin in situations that matter, which is bad and not good. The Chargers keep winning games but they’ve found themselves down double digits recently to the Steelers and Chiefs, not a strategy I’d keep breaking out in January. They also still need the Chiefs to drop a game in order to overtake them in the division. Not that home field advantage matters in LA, but I’m sure it wouldn’t exactly hurt. The Patriots lost to the Lions. I know that was months ago but it still bothers me and will continue to bother me. Pittsburgh stinks. That’s my full analysis on the Steelers. Houston? Is Houston about to leave Big Cat with nine fingers? I can’t rule it out because it appears that everyone stinks.

PS – The Fox broadcast said this was only the SIXTH time Rivers has made the postseason and I find that impossible to be true. SIX? In fourteen years? For a guy that everyone agrees to be great I’m just going to assume my dumbass misheard that cause I refuse to believe that to be factual. And no I wont look it up. You look it up.