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An Armed Robber Is On The Loose In Oklahoma City, Dubbed The "Binky Bandit" Because He Can't Stop Sucking On His Binky




This right here is called taking a negative and making it a positive. Everyone knew that kid growing up who sucked his thumb for too long. Still had that sucker going when he was 5 or 6. Well clearly it’s this guy, and clearly he still likes to suck his thumb but knows it looks ridiculous so sucks on a binky instead. Kind of a pussy move right? WRONG. Because just when you’re about to call this guy a baby and a thumb sucker he goes and steals a car with his gun. He’s using your preconceived notion about binky sucking and flipping it on his head. Call him a pussy, go ahead, try, boom you’re dead. That’s how the Binky Bandit roles. Everything you thought you knew about Binky’s is now wrong.



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