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I Would Go To War With This Old Lady Who Ranted To The Phoenix City Council About How Terrible The Suns' Owner Is

He’s so tight he squeaks when he walks.

What a line! I would go to war for Greta, if that’s her real name, no questions asked and I’m not even a Suns fan. This lady has built up so much anger over the 14 years Sarver has owned the team and she’s letting it all out with nothing held back. If you thought the Mets were stingy with their wallets, well you don’t even know the half of what the Suns do. They have no chance of winning ever with how little they spend and Greta knows it. SHAME ON EACH AND ALL OF YOU!! I don’t know how you show up as an owner after hearing this rant. As Reags blogged, the Suns fans tonight are showing up tonight and protesting the game with some lame Bill Simmons-esque chants. Well, if they have a brain they’d let Greta sit court-side and have her scream the entire game. Maybe let her make a speech before tipoff. Greta for owner!

The Knicks need a Greta to go right up to James Dolan and put him six feet under.

h/t NBA Reddit