Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


North CarolinaA former East Forsyth High School teacher is accused of having sex with a male student and taking incident liberties with another male student on the school’s campus, according to court records and Kernersville police.

Rebecca Carol Swinson, 38, of Ridgeview Avenue in Winston-Salem is charged with 16 counts of indecent liberties with two students and three counts of sex acts with one of the students, arrest warrants show.

Kernersville police began investigating the case on July 30, police said. Investigators declined to say how they learned about the allegations against Swinson.

Officer Blake Jones, a spokesman for the Kernersville Police Department, said that the offenses happened during the fall semester of 2017 on the campus of East Forsyth High School. …

James Quander of Winston-Salem, Swinson’s attorney, issued a statement on his client’s behalf Tuesday afternoon.

“Rebecca Swinson was an English teacher, cross country coach and (a) member of the East Forsyth High School community for five years,” the statement said. “When Rebecca learned of the charges against her, she cooperated with law enforcement and turned herself in. …

“We would ask that she and all of the individuals involved be given privacy,” the statement said.

Good talk, Atty. Quander. This is us, giving Rebecca Swinson all the privacy she desired when she was having intercourse with one kid and “taking indecent liberties” with another on school grounds.

Which is precisely why Ms. Swinson is here today. As I’ve talked about before, the hardest time for a Sex Scandal Teacher to be graded is right after an All Star-caliber smoke. The other day we had a literal beauty queen, former Miss Kentucky Ramsey Carpenter Bearse, who was sending topless photos to one of her students where she was teaching in West Virginia. It’s damned near impossible to follow that. Even a Texas 9 would be reduced to an Alaska 4 while trying to reach the bar set by an actual state pageant winner.

Well Rebecca Swinson is no Texas 9 for sure. But that’s not what counts right now. She’s not here for her looks. She’s here for her guts, her heart, her tenacity. For her fearless drive to excel in the GtNSST game. Pulling two different students into empty rooms or broom closets or wherever, and proving it’s not all about poise and posture, how well you play the violin or how you look with your ass cheeks taped to the inside of your bikini bottoms while answering questions about inspiring young women. It’s about your willingness to put your career and your life on the line for awkward sex in your workplace.

The Grades:
Looks: I don’t know … Um, Shelley Duval as Olive Oyl in Popeye?
Grade: D+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: “Incident liberties” someone manages to sound both really vague and really salacious at the same time. What isn’t at all vague is 16 counts, three counts of sex acts, two different students and, presumably, a sexual partridge in a pair tree, all occurring in school.
Grade: B+

Intangibles: She’s coaches cross country? Maybe she knows this old chestnut, which was made the rounds during the track meets at my alma mater, Weymouth South High: “The difference between a Leprechaun and a girl doing cross country is, a Leprechaun is a cunning runt.” You never forget the classics.
Grade: A

Overall: C. Thanks for taking this bullet for the GtNSST team, Rebecca.

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