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Honey, Look! Look! We're On Kiss Cam! Quick, Pour A Beer All Over My Head




Feitelberg alluded to this earlier today, how the internet sucks now because every video seems to be fake or staged, well not this one. That’s 100% authentic. Just a couple of white trash fans*  looking to take the party to the next level. Kiss Cam? Nah, I’d rather you soak me in beer, wayyyyy funnier.



*the cut off top and pink bra was a dead giveaway. Probably named Brittany or Tiffany and goes by Britt or Tiff when she parrrties!




I missed it on Monday but Tommy Lasorda got a birthday cake and I’m just assuming ate the whole thing himself without sharing a single piece. Happy Birthday Tommy!





-“Alright kid, I’ll take it from here, now scram”

-“But Tommy, I’m your grandson, I love you”

-“I said scram!”