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DELICIOUSLY AWKWARD: Kodak Black Walks Out Of Radio Show When The Host Brings Up His Pending Sexual Assault Case

WOW! WOWWEEEEEEEE! THAT. WAS. AWESOME. I love awkwardness so much, especially when it comes on a live show. Some people can’t watch this sort of thing, but I live for it. I don’t know much about Kodak Black, nor do I know anything about his sexual assault case. But clearly, that’s a sensitive issue for him (as it tends to be). And when the Ebro brought it up? YIPPEEEEEEE!! Well done, sir. That’s how you press the iron to the fire on a morning radio show. It’s never too early to make someone fire their publicist.

You may not have caught it, but as Kodak is walking out, one of the other hosts quietly says… “well that’s a bummer.” I’m crying. That’s tremendous. Just a wonderful summary of the situation.

Unfortunately, Ebro later said he regretted the conversation…

No way josé. Ebro had a chance to back off when he made it clear he wasn’t thrilled, but he pressed forward. And that’s great! You want that out of an interviewer. That’s what made Barbara Walters so good at her job (I think? I just made that up). But don’t then retreat and say you regret the very outcome you clearly sought with your line of questioning. Own it baby.

I guess we’ll keep an eye on this Kodak Black fellow and his sexual assault case. But just in case he needs to walk out of any more radio shows, here’s the proper way to do it: