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I Went To War With Nate Schmidt, Ryan Reaves, Marc Andre Fleury In Call Of Duty And I Now Own Vegas Along With Their Knights

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And there you have it. A battle for glory, and glory for all. Reavesy and I went heads up in COD with the higher score getting a free night out in Las Vegas The more honorable came out on top, of course. Good thing, too. Not too sure how Reavesy and his pals would’ve enjoyed the early bird special at Binion’s followed by a cold hard adventure at the $5 min tables. Also, I also almost have more Fortnite wins than they all have Stanley Cups. Almost.

Good on them for hopping on for the Gametime bump. And a bump it is. Remember when I accidentally mooned Keenen Allen? BOOM! Went from one of the walking wounded to a top-5 WR in the NFL. Patrik Laine? Yeah, just on track for a Hart Trophy this season after chiming in from Finland. Chad Johnson? He’s still alive. I hope. Win-win-win. That’s what happens when you get the ol’ Gametime bump. Live it, love it, believe it.