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This Throwback Lacrosse Clip Is An Absolute Bloodbath. Let The Boys Play!

I’ll be honest. I’m glad that the overall talent in lacrosse has gone up tremendously in the last 30-40 years. I mean this is a minute long clip and I’m pretty sure the ball was on the ground for at least 50 of those 60 seconds. These guys fucking suuuuuuuucked at lacrosse. With that being said–sometimes I long for the olden days where guys could get absolutely obliterated in the open field without a hurricane of yellow flags raining down from the sky and a 2 minute non-releasable penalty immediately getting called. Because this right here? This is how dead bodies are made.

Clean as could be, too. Granted this animal took a nice little 15-yard sprint before laying that dude out into a separate dimension. But at least he wasn’t head hunting out there. He just went straight through that dude’s chest and sent him into next week. Maybe if these guys could actually control the ball a little and not constantly be looking directly up or directly down to get their eye on the ball, this dude in yellow(ish) would have seen the train coming and he could have gotten off the tracks. You see a hit like that now and they try to ban you for life while you have an entire sideline full of moms screaming for the death penalty. It’s a shame, really. These were the good ol’ days. When the shorts were high and the men were men.

P.S. – Tough look for everybody in the comment section who says that lacrosse players are pussies. Baseball players take games off if they have a wittle cramp. Meanwhile these dudes were out there murdering each other on the field and wouldn’t even take a water break.