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The Steelers Futility Has Broken Rocky Bleier, the Most Badass Man in NFL History

Rocky Bleier:

“Here’s my take on the Steelers: I’m DONE. I mean they’ve ripped my heart out. With the talent that they have, how can they lose three out of their last four games and in the manner that they did? …

“You need to find a way to win these games, not lose them. It’s not about a referee, or an injury or a bad call, it’s simply about overcoming those obstacles. If you don’t, then fingers need to be pointed. …

“With three games remaining the Steelers destiny lies in their hands but it is shaky with the Patriots, Saints and Bengals on the horizon. How they fare will dictate the team’s future and it may be without Tomlin.”

Holy shit, Steelers. Now you’ve done it. Your failure has somehow managed to do what the Viet Cong, a sniper bullet, a grenade explosion in the province of Heip Duc and surgery to amputate half his foot couldn’t.

You broke Rocky Bleier.

Bronze Star winner. Purple Heart recipient. Combat Infantryman awardee. Four time Super Bowl champion. Author. Philanthropist. Motivational speaker. Advocate for his fellow veterans. Rocky Bleier has seen it all, done it all and overcome obstacles that would’ve killed many lesser men. But the one thing he can’t survive is the futility of the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers.

To be fair, yes he did sort of walk back the “I’m done” comment:

But that was only in response to the thousands of Steelers fans, players and coaches who were wounded by his honesty:

Ben Roethlisberger:

“We consider Rocky family, so we would hope he wouldn’t say those things, but he’s obviously entitled to it and we understand where the frustration comes from.”

Mike Tomlin:

“Those guys are entitled to an opinion; they care and care deeply. We appreciate them and respect the fact that they care and care deeply.”

So Bleier had to perform emergency surgery to remove all that emotional shrapnel. It’s just a sad situation and you hate to see it. A true American hero in every sense of the word, getting his spirits crushed by the team he helped bring to dynastic greatness. Now reduced to having to worry about their feelings like they’re children. It’s a terrible thing to witness, it truly is. And if Bleier remains “done” after this weekend and is looking for a place to land where his valor, honesty and absolutely golden voice will be rewarded, the door is always open in New England.