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It's A Christmas Miracle! Brinks Truck Spills Money Onto New Jersey Highway And Commuters Leave Their Cars To Pick It Up

Look at Jesus Christ pulling off another miracle from way downtown now that his birthday is less than two weeks away. And a miracle in a usually hopeless place no less! Eat your heart out Saint Nick. I imagine every person on that road spends every morning and afternoon wondering why the fuck they are wasting their lives stuck in traffic in the rat race of the Tri-State Area. Then one morning out of the blue, God throws them a bone and has literal free money blowing around on the highway. What a beautiful moment.

I’ll admit that I was jealous at first watching these people live out the dream of getting money from a Brinks truck that I imagine every time I pass one without a driver inside. But I realize they need it more than a guy who works from home in sweats during the winter and only leaves the house to drop his kids off at daycare. If watching people play real life Frogger for free cash doesn’t warm your soul, you are a grinch in every sense of the word and your soul is beyond saving. Even the people on the INCOMPETENT NJ Transit buses got to take a break from the hell that is commuting to smile at the Miracle On Route 3. What a wonderful moment to ramp up the holiday season.

h/t Garrison