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Kyrie Irving Hit A 30 Foot Bomb To Beat The Wizards In OT

What an incredible fourth quarter and overtime for Kyrie Irving. Back to back RIDICULOUS Fuck You Threes to seal the win and remain perfect in overtime on the season. After missing a game winning attempt in regulation, it was a back and forth battle with Wall down the stretch until Kyrie said you know what, I’ve had enough of this bullshit and pulled up from Virginia to seal the deal. He finished with 38/7, and it wasn’t just his late game shooting that made his night so huge. He played some great fourth quarter defense, drew a huge charge on Wall late, and then there was this pass which was by far the best look of the entire night

This is why they made the move for Kyrie, and this is why they are about to offer him the max. Huge moment for him to close this out on the road with half the team missing. We’ll talk more about it all in the morning once I calm the fuck down, expect no less than 2,000 words on just Marcus Smart.

7 in a row and we’re just getting started.