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High School Hockey Player Loses His Goddamn Mind, Starts Slashing Another Player Execution Style

Jesus Christ. Typically before a big game guys will watch highlight videos of their favorite players to get pumped up but apparently this psychopath watches Ned Stark getting his goddamn head chopped off right before puck drop.

So here’s the thing. High School Hockey is a perfect storm of sorts and that’s because of two components. The first one being that at its core, hockey is a violent sport. It’s fast, it’s physical, everybody is carrying around large weaponry and you have blades of steel attached to your feet. It’s just a naturally violent sport. The second component being that at their core, high school kids are all dumb. I mean they are as dumb as human beings can possibly get because not only do they have dumb brains, but they also have this “I’m going to live forever and nothing bad can ever happen to me” mentality. They never consider any consequences ahead of time so that makes them about as reckless as they come. So “violent incidents” always happen in high school hockey and it’s typically when one team is playing their last game of the season and the seniors all figure they can’t get suspended anymore so they might as well go out with a fight. Is that a shitty mentality? Sure. But is it really the end of the world? Not at all. It happens all the time and for better for worse, it’s just part of high school hockey.


None of those things even come close to this shit right here from Dallas.

That’s assault, brotha. And listen. I’d hate to see a high school kid have his life ruined all because of a game. But this is some criminal behavior that should probably land you in court. At the very least, this kid should never be able to own a pair of skates for the rest of his life. That’s scum of the Earth shit right there and really what it all comes down to is that this kid probably has some extra shitty parents. Everybody knows the equation. Shitty parents equal shitty kids. If you are somebody who thinks that taking 2 giant hacks at a defenseless player is ever warranted, I need you to do me a favor. Either 1) never procreate or 2) if you do decide to have kids, never have them play hockey. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

P.S. – If you’re a high school hockey player reading this right now, trust me when I say that not a single game you play this season is worth going to court and/or jail over. So don’t end up like this asshole. I know you think high school hockey is the most important thing in the world right now but come talk to me in 8 years.