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16 Years Ago Today LeBron Was Introduced To Everyone Across The Country

No matter what you think of LeBron, I’ll always give him credit for this. It’s wild that he’s lived up to expectations. When you see this and remember that it’s been 16 years of him on national TV and even longer of him getting national pub – magazine covers, etc. It’s crazy that someone has been able to maintain this level of greatness for this long. That’s rare.

For some reason I still remember this game. It also goes to show you how long technology has advanced in 16 years. I had to tape this game on a VHS because I missed it live. Now? Imagine watching a VHS.

LeBron vs Oak Hill was actually a rivalry back then. They had played the previous two years, LeBron losing both of them – most notably the year before to Carmelo Anthony. This was the first televised game of the three though and it wasn’t like Oak Hill lacked names. They were led by Marcus Williams (UConn), Ivan Harris (Ohio State), Dion Dacons (Temple), JR Reynolds (Virginia) and Jarvelle Scott (Ole Miss). LeBron led St. Vincent St. Mary’s to the win, which of course just led to the growing legend that is LeBron.

It’s rare that high school players can become so well-known on a national scale – especially before the Internet and social media really blew up. That’s what made LeBron’s high school career so special. Everyone knew who he was, even if you didn’t live in Ohio. That’s what makes it different than say someone like Zion, who became known because everyone had access to his highlights.

However, the biggest rivalry is still LeBron vs his hair.