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Mike Wilbon Compared Steph Curry Not Believing In The Moon Landing To Not Believing In Slavery

Well that escalated QUICKLY. Wilbon is STEAMING MAD, and I mean STEAMING MAD at Steph Curry. You woulda thought Steph banged his mom on his grandma’s grave and then spilled Chipotle all over his freshly cleaned car with how mad he got. And boy, did he make some leaps and bounds that Superman would be jealous of. Comparing questioning the moon landing to denying SLAVERY? Holy moly! That’s not what Steph is saying even a little bit!

I get it. Guys like Wilbon grew up in a different era. The moon landing meant EVERYTHING to them. It was the peak of the United States becoming the global super power, beating Russia, parading our big American dicks over the world. We went to the moon and you didn’t, bitches. Everyone from that generation holds the moon landing in such high regard.

Our generation though, we’re taught to question things. Wilbon and Kornheiser were fed the American Dream, our generation is taught to question the bill of goods fed to us by the government and wonder if there’s more to things than meet the eye. And that’s what Steph is doing. I think it’s braver to question the moon landing than to just blindly accept it because NASA wants you to.

As for the whole slavery comparison, you can miss me and everyone else with a brain with that. Don’t try to sully our good names with that bullshit. We can have a lively debate about the merits of the fake moon landing without muddling the waters like that.