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Jimmy Butler Details The Timberwolves Practice This Year Where He Destroyed The Starters With 3rd Stringers

Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors

[JJ Redick] - The most interesting detail of that whole scrimmage that nobody knows: I only shot the ball once.

Oh, I was dominating, but I only shot the ball once. Dimes, boom, boom, boom. Steals, blocks. I only shot the ball one time.

I think I love this story even more now. I mean when this story broke everyone assumed Jimmy was just going and getting buckets. I mean I loved when this story broke just because I enjoy chaos and pettiness and there was nothing more than that in Minnesota this offseason/start of the season.

While I love the image of him just berating Scott Layden, the image of him just beating up all the starters while not scoring is even better. It just shows sort of what Butler can do and why people see him as a top-10/15 player.

Obviously the trade has worked for both teams. Minnesota has been better without him as they aren’t walking on eggshells as much anymore. Meanwhile Philly has that 3rd guy now to go with Simmons and Embiid and we’ve obviously seen Butler hit a couple game-winners there.