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KyKy Tandy, A Xavier Commit Dunked So Hard Over A 7-Footer He Cut His Chin On The Rim

Holy shit. I know we’re seeing a lot of dunks, but when a 6’1″ guard goes over a 7’0″ and has to get stitches on his chin because he was so goddamn high it’s a quality dunk. KyKy Tandy really blew up the last year and started drawing interest from teams like Kentucky. It’s clear to see why he’s a high-major playing – picking to go to Xavier over Ole Miss.

Here’s the thing. This dunk comes out of nowhere pretty much. He’s not that open. He knows there’s going to be a challenge at the rim – again, from a goddamn 7-footer. This picture is still insane, I don’t care what you think about dunks. This is insane:

Apparently it was so good they had to stop the game for a few moments due to fans and benches spilling on the court going wild. Tandy finished with 33 and the win over Hopkinsville.