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Don't Even Think About Asking Kawhi Leonard About Christmas During A Pregame Interview

I mean this is the perfect Kawhi answer to one of the most absurd pregame interview questions I’ve ever seen. First off, the reporter wishing him a Merry Christmas. You can’t be doing that shit on December 11. We’re not even 2 weeks until Christmas!

Of course Kawhi answers it with ‘not right now’ though. I mean what do we expect here? Imagine if Kawhi drops his top-5 Christmas movies and starts naming Elf, Christmas Vacation, etc. I’m now dying to know Kawhi’s favorite Christmas movie, so maybe the reporter did his job of at least starting conversation. You just don’t start conversation with Kawhi though. I bet Kawhi likes some obscure movie for his favorite Christmas one. There’s no way he goes with some cliche or typical answer.

As for moment? Probably the time he was put together as a robot. Only thing that would make sense. I need to know his favorite gift to go with his movie though. I have so many questions about Kawhi now.

The only thing missing from this being the perfect clip is Kawhi’s laugh. I needed him to laugh this one off with that robotic laugh he does.