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Tracy McGrady Is Totally Cool And Not Mad At NBA Players Picking Kevin Durant In A Hypothetical Game Over Him

So this hypothetical 1 on 1 game has been floating around the last day. Who would win a 1 on 1 game between prime McGrady and prime Kevin Durant. Most people who were chiming in were just random people on Twitter. However, JR Smith and Evan Fournier chimed in saying Durant would win easily.

I don’t think they are necessarily wrong. McGrady was absolutely unreal and it’s nothing against him. It’s just I think Durant is better therefore would win.

Just don’t tell Tracy McGrady that. He went on about a 5 minute rant going after both JR and Fournier and even Eric Snow. Yes, that Eric Snow, who took one of the biggest ricochet shots I can remember. Throwing out that it’s not an insult to be labeled as prime 1v1 partner against Durant, which is true. But then McGrady said if it was JR he’d be going against Jackie Moon (timely reference) or Eric Snow. You gotta fight McGrady now if you’re Eric Snow.

Then he’s out here making fun of Evan Fournier for not leading the Magic to the playoffs because he’s making $80 million. Listen, it’s not Evan’s fault the Magic stink and offer ridiculous contracts. Fournier has been fine.

Nobody is petty like former athlete petty.