Bruise A Guy Got On His Ass After Falling Through A Table During Bachelor Party Looks Like An Angel And Is Oddly Majestic


Mirror- A clumsy groom’s stag weekend ended with the ultimate wedding blessing – a massive bruise in the shape of an ANGEL. Chris Holland, 30, was accidentally nudged and fell backwards through a table while celebrating with pals at Dream Club in Sopot, Poland, on Saturday. The next morning he was stunned to find the tumble had etched a winged figure onto his lower back. He said: “I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror – there was an angel. I felt really lucky as if it was a bit higher I could have had a spinal injury.” The administrator from London is now praying the swelling subsides before his nuptials on May 24. He added: “My fiancée was livid when I got home and showed her – but she’s glad I’m okay. “It was an amazing weekend but now the adrenaline has worn off the bruise is starting to smart a bit.”

Out of protection for all of you this early in the day I’m gonna give you the choice of whether or not you want to look at this guy’s ass.  It’s really not that bad at all, I just didn’t want to spring that on you because I’m a nice guy.  So if you want to see Chris’s whole bruise that looks a lot like an angel click here.

Not bad, right?  I actually found it oddly majestic and if that means I’ve got the gay then so be it.  That’s a cool looking bruise that really looks like an angel.  I may or may not have started welling up it was so beautiful.  Like I was seeing a beautiful piece of art for the first time.  Just hits you like a tidal wave when you least expect it.  And yes, we’re still talking about the bruise on a guy’s ass.  I’ve never had a cool looking bruise and I’ve definitely never had one shaped like an angel.  The big winner of this whole thing is Chris believe it or not.  Sure, it’s a little embarrassing that he fell through a table the weekend of his wedding but that’s not what people will remember.  They’ll remember the bruise that looks a lot like an angel.  That’s the headline here, not that Chris got blacked out and fell through a table.  And I’m not a big believer in, well anything, but what could be a better sign for his marriage than a bruise forming to look like an angel the night before he gets hitched?  Exactly.