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Netflix Did A Documentary About The Infamous Fyre Festival And It Looks Incredible

Netflix, you done did it again you beautiful sons of bitches! As if having a billion hours of wonderful content that we try to jam into our schedules in between daily marathons of The Office again wasn’t enough, they drop a Fyre Festival documentary on our heads. Watching a bunch of rich white kids go from what they thought was a concert in paradise to a real life Lord of the Flies was Must Watch shit on social media.



But to have an entire film documenting the riches to rags story of thinking you were going to ball out with cabanas and gourmet meals to ending up in survive and advance mode with tents and ham & cheese sandwiches is proof God is real and that he loves us. The Fyre Festival saga is so incredible that I forgot Ja Rule was a part of it until I saw him in the trailer.


One minute you are toasting about partying like a rock star with a rap star, the next you are living like a fucking refugee.

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I need Fyre Festival content like I need air to breathe. This documentary cannot come out soon enough. And while I would never give notes to any film maker, I am just going to pray to God that we somehow get a Behind The Tweet video of how this classic ended up on

Top 10 funniest tweet I have ever seen in my life considering the circumstances.