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Players Like Leonard Fournette Should Be Able To Beat Up A Fan If They Get Called "Coon" Or "Servant"

I’m glad that Doug Marrone came out to defend Leonard Fournette because he should be well within his rights to fight this guy if he’s called racial terms. In fact, I think players on the field should get one challenge per year to fight fans if they want. It can be like the football version of dropping the gloves. No harm. No foul. Come get your ass whoopin.

Special teams players and kickers who dont really get in the mix should be able to pass their fight to another player.

For instance, if Leonard had an issue in New York and he used his challenge to kick a Giants’ fan’s teeth in and then a fan in Seattle needed an ass whooping, Leonard could ask Pro Bowl bound kicker Josh Lambo for his yearly beating. At that point, Leonard could fight the fan in Seattle as well. If this happened, the decorum in the lower bowls would change overnight. I dont think you’d actually want Leonard Fournette to get his hands on you. It wouldnt go well. That’s part of the reason I’m so nice about it when I say that Leonard stinks this year. You should be able to say, “you suck. Your momma is ugly and fat!” But once it gets racial, you can ring the bell and then yous cant leave.

Stinks or not, you call someone a racial slur, you should probably get your ass whooped and I think Leonard Fournette would be just the man to do it.