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LeBron James Lets The Entire World Know That LeBron James Is The Best Closer While Shooting Late-Game Free Throws

Talk that shit LeBron. Let the world know that you’re the best 4th quarter scorer in the NBA this year. I mean it’s not necessarily a surprise, right? Look at the Lakers roster, they have been playing a bunch of close games and it makes sense to let the best player in the world close games out. My only concern here though was he’s going to miss the free throws while talking shit. Gotta get that free throw shooting percentage up to over 80% to make me feel comfortable about the shit talking while going through the free throw routine.

Also, don’t look now but the Lakers are starting to figure it out a bit. They are now up to 17-10 overall and 5th in the West, just 1.5 games back of first. Don’t let LeBron get hot, especially in the 4th quarter. Believe it or not he’s actually clutch, just ask him.