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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Law Student Who Was Kneed In The Balls So Hard By A Cop His Testicle Shattered?



NM – A video has emerged showing the moment that a police officer allegedly kneed a law student so hard in the groin that he had to have a testicle removed, according to a political action group. Jeremy Martin, 24, was driving a carload of friends near the University of New Mexico campus, where he studies law, on April 24 when a police officer pulled him over, claiming he ran a stop sign.

“I would love for you to mace me. That would be fantastic.”

For once irony is not lost on the hipster.

I’m not saying excessive force by police doesn’t exist. There are plenty of meatstick cops out there who only signed up for the job to be a hardo and will mace your face at any opportunity. But if you mess with the pig bull you get the horns. This was a perfectly justifiable shot to the boys by the fuzz. If he was still sporting that mug in the first pic it would’ve been a crime not to send both nuts into early retirement. How many chances did this officer give him? 400? I know 3 PBR’s and a lifetime of arrogance makes it difficult to follow orders, but when someone in authority who holds multiple weapons tells you to sit down, you sit the fuck down. However, W.B. Mason did handle his testicle exploding upon impact better than most men would. Might have been too mainstream to scream bloody hell in midst of one of the most painful injuries imaginable.

Here’s a nickel’s worth of advice for you young Stoolies: If you ever find yourself at odds with a officer, shut your mouth and be respectful. Yeah, a lot of cops will tough guy your ass regardless but most of the time they’ll at least be understanding, if not cool with the situation. Always better to spend a night in the slammer than have your nuts shattered, because if the latter occurs both will be going down anyways.