Survive On The Road Is The Name Of The Game

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So not a blowout, but a great tough road win. Did the Jets help a ton? Of course. They had so many Jets like plays throughout the game. Geno’s interceptions, couple of dumb penalties and stalled drives, the Cutler fumble that got whistled dead, I’m not crazy, I know those things helped, A LOT. But take nothing away from the Bears here. Every safety injured, second road game in a row, coast to coast, B-Marsh hurt early and they found just enough to get it done. 2-1, you looked at the schedule before the season and you said you have to be 2-1, well we’re there. LOT of things to get better at, by no means was that convincing, but the NFL is an impossible league, you win anyway you can on the road. Bear Down.




Good news for KFC, he’ll finally dress well for at least a week in his life.

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