We're Onto Competing For An NFC Wild Card Spot


Just a little bit of housecleaning that needed to be done after the Cowboys beat the Eagles yesterday. I hate to drop some corporate jargon on your guys, but we have officially pivoted from the Giants marching to an NFC East crown to the Giants marching to an NFC Wild Card crown. The reason for this is that the best the Giants can do is tie the Cowboys in overall record as well as head-to-head record and Dallas locked up the next tiebreaker against us (division record) because the Eagles are trash and couldn’t stop Amari Cooper to save their fucking lives. When your chance for an unlikely division title ends like this, you just have to laugh.

Thank God the Cowboys didn’t win on a last-second 60+ yard field goal, even though their kicker hit one right before halftime. Damn the Giants have been snakebitten lately. But Amari Cooper was the main guy who ended the Giants NFC East dream. Kudos to Jason Garrett for remembering that the guy who was killing the Eagles was on his team for the entire game, unlike Pat Shurmur a few weeks ago.

Okay, that was ugly and I apologize. But having to move on from the pretty basic dream of the Eagles (tough schedule), Redskins (ravaged by injuries), and Cowboys (are the Cowboys) losing out to this scenario where the Giants need a shitload of help in random games sucks, mostly because I am going to forget who we are supposed to be rooting for like 100 times in the next few weeks. However, the Giants still being in contention for a playoff spot in Week 14 is pretty incredible considering how many hyenas shoveled dirt on our team and our quarterback earlier in the season while cackling from the peanut gallery. Like Big Cat always says, the dream is to at least be In The Hunt this late in the year and if the Seahawks win tonight, we are definitely In The Hunt.

So it all starts now. Lets go Seahawks! Your fans are not a bunch of weirdos for calling themselves a number, breaking decibel level records that nobody cares about is really cool, and jet fuel definitely cannot melt steal beams.

I can’t wait to root for these freaky looking fuckers that cause my eyes to bleed while Jason Witten and Booger McFarland make my ears bleed.

8-8, NFC Wild Card Champs, rematch against Khalil Mack and the Bears in Chicago after putting 30 on their asses last week. Lets go!!!