Knicks Fan Gets Fed Up That A Coach That Is Blocking His View So He Yanks The Coach's Jacket And Asks Him To Sit Down

Welcome to New York motherfuckers where we don’t play and out of towners get got like every day! This fan didn’t give that rat fuck James Dolan a few thousand dollars to get a good look at the style of that coach’s jacket. He paid to watch basketball be played at its highest level by the Knicks and Nets! Yeah he could have politely asked for the guy to sit down instead of yanking his jacket and potentially starting The Malice at MSG. But any semblance of manners and patience gets beaten out of you once you live in New York City long enough. From the rat race to the garbage piles to the obscene prices to the overpacked trains everyone took to the game. This guy not throwing a sucker punch while dealing with all that shit along with this coach robbing him of like 10 seconds AKA about $250 worth of game time actually makes him kind of a hero and the security guard should have realized that and had the coach sit down. If James Dolan had any class, he would pay the fan that money straight cash for his employee’s slip up. But he won’t because he sucks. Also, if Adam Silver is going to allow NBA teams to have 100 assistant coaches on staff, he should consider having some of them sit in the booth like a football game or in their own section like a school’s marching band instead of standing up in front of fans. Or just have them sit on their ass during the game instead of blocking people’s views like the goddamn Boogermobile.