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'World's Youngest, Most Modified Youth' Got His Eyeballs Tattooed

SourceThis tattoo junkie’s look is quite an eyeful. Ethan Bramble, from Melbourne, Australia, shocked the world — and his mom — when he got his eyeballs inked. “I am the world’s youngest most modified youth,” the 22-year-old claims. Of his roughly 40 body modifications, he says his tongue split was the most painful.

Let Ethan Bramble’s example be an inspiration for all you youngsters out there that it is never too soon to start achieving great things. That you don’t have to sit back and let life get better as you go. You can peak early and still continue to go up from there.

Joan of Arc was just 13 and had no military experience when she led the French victory over Britain in The Hundred Years War. Bobby Fischer became a chess grandmaster at 15. Louis Braille created a written alphabet for the blind at age 15. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein at 21. Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize at 17. And Traci Lords starred in AVN Award Best Movie winner Talk Dirty To Me Part III using a fake birth certificate at only 16.

The point is, it’s never too soon to start becoming the best you can be. To maximize your full potential, the way my man here has. Some people never make a mark. Well Ethan Bramble is a mark. 40 of them, to be exact. And proudly earned the title of World’s Youngest Most Modified Youth, long before any of even knew that was a thing. Look into those inked up eyes and tell me you’re not peering into the soul of a man who’s living his best life.