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In Shocking News, Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten Have Split Up

PEOPLE- The Dancing with the Stars partners, who struck up a relationship during the competition, have broken up, PEOPLE confirms.

“Alexis has been in Japan working and Alan is in L.A. rehearsing for the DWTStour, so it’s hard to date when you’re in separate countries,” a source says. “They care about each other a lot, though, and they continue to be close and talk regularly. No matter what, they plan to always remain in each other’s lives.”

Well it seems the showmance has come to an end. Alexis and Alan turned the heat wayyyy  up while competing on Dancing With The Stars and fans fell for their young love. However it seems with their schedules they have had to call it quits. *Sigh* I actually was hoping these two were the real deal.

Nikki Glaser probably summed it up best when Ria and I talked to her in LA about DWTS. She joked that it’s impossible for two single people to be paired together and not have them hook up. Or at least have some serious sexual tension with all the touching and dancing and long hours. So it’s no surprise that Alexis and Alan were attracted to each other. Alexis travels for a living, she’s always on the move, and Alan is about to start another DWTS Tour so I’m sure it would be impossible for them to make it work outside of the show.


Alexis actually responded to someone on Instagram explaining her relationship with Alan.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.04.30 PMI’m sure Alexis and Alan will both bounce back. And I still don’t think there was anything going on with Alexis and Milo Manheim.