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UCLA Girl Nails Layup, Free Throw, 3 Pointer and Half Court Shot For A FREE CAR! NCAA Says Nah.

ESPNNever had winning a car seemed so easy.

Former UCLA basketball player Nicole Kornet made a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot in succession during a promotional contest in her former team’s game against Fresno State on Friday night. The usual prize for hitting all four is a car...

Nicole making it look easy!  Layup, easy.  Free throw, SCHWAP.  Three pointer, SHE’S HEATING UP.  Halfcourt shot…SHE’S ON FIRE!!!  Little halftime show in front of 340 screaming, rabid fans – 4 years on the court makes you numb to the pressure.  You just step up with the ball in your hand and perform.  That’s how you win games and that’s how you win cars.


...but as a former player, Kornet wasn’t eligible to win.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 9.54.44 AM

Now before you get all worked up: they told her that she wasn’t eligible to win when she went up there.

UCLA clarified Saturday that Kornet knew she wasn’t eligible for the prize and was allowed to participate because it was her birthday.

“Nicole was selected to do the supershot game at halftime, but there was no prize on the line, and the game was not represented as such,” a UCLA spokesperson wrote in an email. “They were aware all along that she was ineligible for any prize, as was Nicole. She did not sign a contract, and there was no mention of her playing for a car — or any prize — during the game.”

Meaning the NCAA went totally off book here.

They warned her…beforehand?

What’s up with that?  Thats not the NCAA move.  The NCAA waits until you hit your shots, celebrate, spend half the money on drinks at the bar while watching your video go viral. THEN steps in with their rulebook and a “well, actually…” citing bylaw 453-B.14 saying how you can’t actually receive anything.  That’s the NCAA we’ve come to know and love.  Not this bullshit.

Very disappointed.  Anger at the NCAA is the fuel I need to operate, and unfortunately, it was just their stupid rules from the beginning that cost this girl a new whip, not anything they did after the fact.