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Good Guy RG3 Sends Back a Response to a Wedding Invitation


Fox - Zach Curley, who is a diehard Redskins fan, recently took things to another level and decided to send an invitation to his favorite NFL player — Robert Griffin III. Curley heard back from the Redskins QB just five days after sending out the request (which might be a record for fastest RSVP ever to a wedding).



I spend a lot of time bashing my QB cause he does some ridiculously embarrassing things, but hey look, he took the time to return a wedding invitation and gave them a nice memory and something else to add to the scrapbook. Just as not many QBs would tweet out Avril Lavigne lyrics after terrible football games, on the other hand, not many QBs would send something like that back to a fan. So good on you, RG3. Now back to learning how to read a cover 2!



h/t Ben