I'm Sure UConn Fans Won't Begin To Freak Out At All After What The Big East Commissioner Said

Well, this is an intriguing statement. I don’t think there’s too much to it right now, but don’t be surprised to see UConn and other fans freak out. There are a handful of conferences going to the 20-game schedule and while the Big East plays an 18-game schedule, don’t be surprised to see them follow suit in a few years.

As John points out the biggest elephant in the room is football. The Big East has no reason to change their philosophy of bringing in a program with a FBS football team. Everyone else has FCS football teams and if we’re being honest? The Big East doesn’t need to expand at all. They don’t need UConn or any A-10 team or someone like Cincinnati coming back. The Big East has been a damn good conference since the ‘new’ Big East became a thing.

Yes, UConn got screwed when conference realignment happened. They got left out of the ACC and Big 12. The Big East essentially gave them the boot because they went to the Catholic 7 model. Yes, I’d like to see a basketball-rich program like UConn in one of the Power 6 conferences. That conference just ins’t the Big East right now. What they have is a great thing going. There’s no need to ruin that. If they need to eventually expand, then sure it can make sense.

But, right now the Big East is just toying with UConn, Dayton, St. Louis and other schools that are consistently mentioned about expansion. This is the first time we’ve heard that they’ll still go round robin – which is the only way to play conference basketball. So have some hope, UConn fans. There’s a chance.