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Is This Heaven?

When I die, this is where I want to go. Based off the comments on this Instagram post, this is Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Alberta in Canada. There is actually nothing in the world I would want to do more than this. This is heaven.

Pond hockey is arguable to most fun thing to do on earth. There is nothing better than lacing em up with you buddies and being able to skate on basically an endless ice surface. Add some A+ scenic views and that is what you have here in Jasper, Alberta.

An aurora display appears to the right of Pyramid Mountain and over Pyramid LakePatricia Lake & Pyramid Island, Jasper N.P

It would cost $831 to fly from JFK to Calgary, it’d then cost about $106 to rent a car to drive the 5 hours from Calgary to Jasper. So in total, just to get there it’d cost $900+ and if you wouldn’t pay that for an hour long pond hockey game in this heavenly atmosphere then I don’t know if we can be friends because it really doesn’t get any better than this.