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Bears Vs Rams - It's Okay To Be Confident - Live Blog


Last week is now forgotten. Chase Daniel fumbles, OBJ TD passes…forget about it.

QB 1 is back and it’s time for a damn showdown at Soldier Field. I’ve felt a weird aura around this city about this game all week. People are continually asking “How do you feel about, Sunday?” with a look on their face that reads “I don’t want to jump the gun or anything, but I feel fucking great.”

And to that I say…we should feel great because what the hell is there to lose? If we lose this game we’re still in a strong spot to make the playoffs. If we win then we can officially declare that we’re serious contenders about going to Atlanta in February.

This team has continuously come up in big spots this season to the point where I know we’ll at least be ready to play tonight. The Rams are damn good, but I think we’re good too.

It’s okay to be confident. Let’s have our guys go out there and tear up some ass.

Bear Down.