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Ravens Lose An Absolute Heartbreaker in Overtime 27-24


I don’t even know what to say. It was there for the taking and we just couldn’t close it out. Which seems so typical of Ravens football this past few years. There’s a good part of me that feels like the Ravens proved something by going into a tough road environment and basically having the football game won, but we’re not in a place where moral victories are worth a dime. We can feel good about having the Saints and the Chiefs on the ropes and use that as a reason to believe we can do damage in the postseason, but our margin of error is so thin at this point. Our backs are against the wall. Winning one of those two games would’ve been so huge for our chances to make the postseason. Now we’re in a place where we have to win 2 out of 3 at a minimum and may even need some help to get in at 9-7. We definitely didn’t get any help today, so we gotta take care of business ourselves. It just blows that we should be in first place in the AFC North and we’ve squandered a couple of great opportunities.

4th and 9. Goddamnit.