Patrick Mahomes Is Out Here Throwing No-Look Passes, Proving He's a Witch - There's Only One Thing Left To Do

I’m sorry, but that’s not allowed. Patrick Mahomes can run his video game offense all he wants, but we can’t be having no-look passes on a football field like he’s White Chocolate back on the Kings.

The throwing lefty shit was cool, but this I simply won’t allow. Favre used to try this crap in his last few years in Green Bay, except it was into triple coverage and would get picked every time. Mahomes is doing this to the fucking Ravens, arguably the number one defense in the NFL. Currently the game is tied at 17 and they’re limiting him to 220 yards a touchdown and a pick, but that just means he’s going to reach further into his bag to create new shit we’ve never seen. Maybe he’ll start flying? Mahomes is a witch and there is only one thing to do with a witch. Burn him.

Update: Oh yeah sure.